About Us

We’re Matt and Maria and we’re photographers that also enjoy geeky pursuits. We decided to combine our powers and start a business together after we got married. Our last name is McManamey and we bet you’re wondering how to pronounce that. We knew that would be a problem, so we decided it was a good idea to pick something else for our photography studio. Our family is important to us though, so we knew the name had to be related somehow. Maria suggested using “mcsquared” because there are two of us. Matt took it to the next level and said that our strengths are not just added together. They are multiplied. The more we talked about it, the more the name seemed like a natural fit. 

Our approach to photography is natural too. We like an easy, not overly photoshopped look that’s not too highly stylized. It’s important to us that our clients’ photos and videos have a timeless quality to them that they will love in ten or even twenty years. We also like to have fun. That’s why we chose Al McEinstein as the company mascot.

We have been in business for 17 years and during this time we have cultivated a light and casual approach to working with our clients that makes a photography session or video shoot with mcsquared Imaging a good time. We also try to take the time to provide information about the process that allows our clients to understand what is happening so that they can make informed decisions and get more of what they want from their imaging project. 

In our spare time, we enjoy spending time with our children. We share a love of music and cars and pursue those interests as often as we can. When Matt isn’t working for a living, he enjoys working on cars and woodworking. One of our favorite photography subjects is cars, so you will see some photos of the car shows we’ve been to on our website. Maria spends her spare time reading and working on crochet projects when she’s not being a perfectionist about her imaging work for our clients. We hope you’ll consider our fun family business for your next photo or video shoot.